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Why Teach on our ACADEMY ?

When you help others along their learning journey to the future technologies & careers, it’s rewarding in more ways than one. By teaching on our platform, you can grow your online following, give back, and earn money. You can earn & make $100,000+ a year.

GloryThink ACADEMY teachers are real working creatives and experts eager to share their expertise. If you’re an experienced creative pro with tips, techniques and skills to demonstrate, we offer an extensive suite of resources and responsive support to help you create classes that will make a diffrance.

How Teaching Works

Plan & Create Your First Class

When you plan for your courses, & start film your class and publish it with our easy class upload tool. We provide help every step of the way.

Grow Your Following throw your courses communities

There are millions of members learning on our platform. We’ll show you how to build your presence in the GloryThink ACADEMY community and beyond.

Start Earning

You’ll be paid monthly for every member who participate into your classes. You can earn & make $100,000+ a year.

Who Can Teach on the ACADEMY Platform

Subject Matter Expert

Do you have expertise in a certain field or skill? Why not monetize the expert knowledge and skill you have by publishing a course? Maybe you are a world expert that thousands of learners would be interested in learning from? Or maybe, your expertise isn’t that advanced, but you could explain basic level knowledge on your subject clearly to beginners?

The Benefits

By publishing a course on the ACADEMY Platform, you can open your expertise to the widest possible global market and make an income while doing so. Every Trainer can share in the advertising and certification revenue generated by the ACADEMY Platform from published courses. What’s more, GloryThink’s dedicated Marketing and Publishing teams will help gain attention for your course, and make sure that the pedagogic quality of your course is high and meets the rigorous standard we set for every course we publish. Once published, your course(s) can earn for you 24/7!

The rewards aren’t just financial. By spreading your expertise through a published course on the ACADEMY Platform, you showcase your skills, improve your CV/résumé, and generate awareness of your brand as an expert. And what’s more, you’ll be making a real difference to the world. Almost all of ACADEMY’s courses are made available to the learner for free; but you as published still earn through our revenue share, or selling your courses in very special prices. By publishing what you know, you empower people to learn and improve their circumstances across the globe, no matter what their financial circumstances. Together, we can change the world for the better.

Professional Trainers

Are you a professional publisher, part of an organization that publishes commercially for monetary gain? GloryThink ACADEMY can offer you a new monetizing opportunity, a new channel to earn directly from – or promote awareness about the solutions you offer and generate more sales and marketing leads. The ACADEMY Platform can bring a new audience of tens of millions of people to your products and services.

The Benefits

On the ACADEMY Platform, trainers can publish both to a public or private audience. Private Courses can be published by anyone at anytime and but are only accessible to an exclusive audience introduced by you. Public Courses, which go on the main Alison platform must first be reviewed by the GloryThink pedagogic (learning) team to make sure the course meets our standards of quality.

Once your course is published, GloryThink’s Marketing Team will help you bring your course to the attention of learners, and potential customers in every corner of the globe. Through the ACADEMY Platform, you can showcase your solutions, improve your reputation, and generate awareness of your brand as an expert and who can help customers meet their needs.

Businesses and Government Organizations

With GloryThink ACADEMY Platform, businesses large and small can create courses that will upskill their employees, enhance their brand as industry standard-bearers, and monetize the high quality knowledge and skills within their organization. Either through the creation of Private Courses made available to only your own employees and customers, or Public Courses that go on the main ACADEMY platform for the world to see, ACADEMY Platform will provide a solution that you possibly never thought existed but can bring real value to your company and your customers.

The Benefits

There are two types of courses you can create on the ACADEMY Platform: Private and Public. Private Courses are only accessible to an exclusive audience that the publisher chooses. Private courses can be published at any time by anyone. Public Courses appear on the main ACADEMY platform but to do so, they must first be reviewed to make sure they meet the standards of quality we require.

These two types of courses can meet different business needs. For instance, as a business manager, you might priorities and value extremely highly the ability to create courses as a means of knowledge and skills across your staff. Organizing training days, group sessions, and professional development programs can present massive logistical challenges. All of these can be avoided by producing a free online Private Course for your members to take during their own schedule.

If you want to showcase your company’s profile as an industry leader, or as a socially-conscious organization making high quality knowledge available to the world, you might consider publishing a Public Course(s) for anyone to take on ACADEMY Platform without charge. We’ll share the advertising and certification revenue your course makes so you can monetize the knowledge and skill housed within your company.

Creating Certifications around your Products & Services

With GloryThink ACAEMY Platform, you could create a suite of courses with certification around your products and services. That way you could ensure that your customers and vendor staff are fully aware of how to get value from what you offer. Such courses could be made Public, or distributed to a specific network as a Private Course.

Not For Profit Organization

GloryThink ACADEMY Platform is a firmly social enterprise. Our mission is to bring free learning to the world and empower everyone with the education and skills training they deserve, regardless of their background. In pursuit of this goal, our Platform Publishing Tool enables non-profit organizations around the world to produce high quality courses on any subject they like. This allows us to educate communities and support non-profits globally, all without ever charging the learner to access high quality learning content.

The Benefits

As a non-profit, you can use ACADEMY Platform’s Publishing Tool to publish courses that will bring knowledge to your community, stakeholders, or staff. In some instances, you might want to make a course that only specific people can access. In these cases, you can use ACADEMY Platform’s Self-Publishing tool to create a Private Course. Private Courses do not appear on the main ACADEMY platform. Instead they are made available only to anyone you share a link with. This focuses the visibility of your course within your own network, and allows anyone to create a Private Course at any time without GloryThink’s approval.

However, sometimes you might want your courses to be accessible to the whole world. If this is the case, you can use ACADEMY Platform’s Self-Publishing Tool to create a Public Course that will go on the main Alison platform (pending GloryThink’s approval of your course’s quality). This will give your course a massive global reach. It will also allow you to generate revenue for your operations, because we share the advertising and certification revenue of all our Public Courses with the course Publisher! So, you can help empower the world with free learning while also powering your own organization with some socially generated revenue.

What are the Next Steps ?

1. Complete Application Form

2. Access Publishing Tool

3. Complete Training Courses

4. Build Your Course

5. Submit Your Course

6. Course Review

7. Publish Your Course

8. Market Your Course

9. Monitor Performance

10. Receive Payment

Our Platform give the Instructor Powerful features NOT available in any other platforms

Full Course Management

We assigning Full Administrations of the courses to each instructors or by letting them manage students enrolled into their courses. Instructors can freely edit their own course content and review assignments.

Courses with Multiple Instructors

Share course management responsibilities among multiple instructors. The admin and the primary instructor of the course can assign other instructors to the course having the same subject knowledge.

Instructors as Group Leaders

The instructors have access to the group which has students enrolled into their courses. The instructors can either be the group leader themselves or can assign any other user enrolled in their course as the group leader.

Instructor can track his Commissions

A fixed percentage of commissions per Instructor for paid courses. The platform takes care of automatically calculating the commission earned on every course purchase, and show the details live for each instructor .

Commission Payments with PayPal Payouts

We pay commissions to instructors directly and effortlessly from their side using PayPal Payouts. The payments are sent directly into the Instructors PayPal account.

Increase course credibility with student reviews

Give your course a boost in relevance and validate it with student reviews. Reviews can help increase Instructor rep and speed up enrollments.

Stay in Complete Control

You have complete control over the creation and management of course content, and student analytics.

Access Student Reports

Platform make it easy for instructors to monitor student performance and improve learning using course-specific reports.

Notify Instructors for Every Activity

Speed up assessments by instantaneously sending out quiz completion emails to instructors. The instructors can also receive email notifications whenever their courses are purchased.

Improve Student-Instructor Communication

Instructors can directly send emails to Students or respond to Student comments


Duplicate courses to quickly create new ones

Save time by quick and easy cloning/editing of existing courses. You can replicate the entire course structure and simply modify the titles before publishing the new content. Bulk editing of course, lesson, and topic titles is also supported, which are organized in a manner similar to the original course.

And many other features & functionalities

there are huge number of features our platform offer to our trainers, helping them focus on generating revenues.

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