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Sponsoring a training event allows you to partner with Meet-&-Cast, and expose your organization to an audience of receptive professionals.

Benefits for Sponsorship with us

Our Training camps or courses are part of local initiatives and events that many organizations prefer to support them for many reasons and benefits:

  • Achieve a rapid and rapid expansion of the program,
  • The speed of attention to the program at the local level, which leads to the speedy integration and orientation of governmental and non-governmental sectors in technology,
  • Thus, increasing the number of job opportunities in the labor market, which is the main goal of the training camp.
  • For the program to be available at a nominal price for everyone,
  • There are goals and benefits from the sponsorship of the program to the partners, to the marketing side of the care, it is possible to provide job or training opportunities through them, for jobs based on future technologies, which the partner finds difficult to provide from the local market, and rely on external companies.
  • And many of the strategic benefits of the country in which such camps are embraced by the private and public sectors.

The types of care and support vary according to the activity. There are governmental, financial, and university support for their students, support for private or government sectors by providing job or training opportunities after the camp, and many others.

Interested to Sponsor with us

Feel Free to contact us and we are happy to answer all your questions

We offers Different Ideas of Sponsorship

  • Co-host a webinar with our industry professionals in which they discuss how they solved a problem together or created a program together. People love case studies that show how their peers handled an issue.
  • Be an online host for a livestreaming conference or other in-person educational event.
  • Participate in a blended learning program, for example, part 1 is a pre-conferences online learning program and part 2 takes place at the conference. Or, continue the conference learning experience with follow-up online programs.
  • Make a guest appearance as a subject matter expert in an online course either in an interview, panel discussion, or product demo.
  • Moderate virtual roundtables.
  • Sponsor one of more Bootcamp on behalf of your trusted customers.

Sponsorship Packages

(contact us to more details about the Packages Prices)