Corporate Features

Platform Features for

ACADEMY Platform offers a suite of corporate services for organizations and non-profits around the globe that assist in making continuous learning and development both efficient and cost effective.

Key Features

Corporate Services

All our courses available 24/7 through our platform, and an corporate-focused suite of services, we now offer a one stop shop solution to any learning organization (and that means any organization!).

GloryThink ACADEMY Platform API

An Platform API connection seamlessly links your website/internal system to the GlotyThink ACADEMY suite of courses with a single sign on. We can work with you to format reports that facilitate your needs.

Pre-paid Certification

We offer you the option to pre-pay in bulk for GloryThink Certificates for your graduates at a discounted rate.

Bulk Purchase

If your organization is a significant user of GloryThink ACADEMY Learning, and purchases a large volume of certificate, you may be entitled to purchase Digital downloads and Certificates in bulk at a discount.

Corporate Trainers

Teaching a course on the ACADEMY Platform. Earn revenue, generate leads, satisfy CPD requirements, and share knowledge. Make learning fun and accessible.


Create a Learning Group for your organizations employees. Track their study progress, purchase discounted digital Certification.

So why wait? Register your team today and let them get learning together.