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Blockchain has already proven that it has the potential to be the technology that redefines many business processes. The most significant benefits of its implementation include greater transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability, increased efficiency and speed, and reduced costs. The use of blockchain promises to bring significant efficiency to global supply chains, financial transactions (including cryptocurrencies, Token economy, and ICOs), asset ledgers, legal regulations (e.g. smart contracts), and decentralized networking.

To see which way the wind is blowing, all you have to do is take a look at what tech giants are doing. Big companies like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon or Samsung are currently working on many solutions empowered by blockchain technology. Apart from the tech corporations, companies from various industries are looking into the possibility to implement Blockchain Technologies in their businesses as well. The demand for blockchain profiles is rapidly growing and there’s a lack of experts on this field.
Because of the supply and demand gap in the blockchain, we find that the average salary for blockchain jobs is now + $125,000 per year and always on the rise!

The total business incentives related to some jobs that are based on blockchain technology are approximately (62,200 $).

  • Blockchain Systems Expert,
  • Expert / specialist in linking blockchain in various industries like (healthcare, finance, government, energy, human resources, digital marketing, etc.),
  • Expert in penetration testing for smart contracts,
  • Blockchain engineer,
  • A legal regulator or legal legislator for blockchain technology,
  • Financial technology specialist and its link to the blockchain,
  • Blockchain specialist and their relationship to the Internet of Things,
  • And many others.
  • Almost all training camps cover the subjects that underpin all international certification exams, so graduates can take and pass the exam directly.
  • The affiliate will also be guided to some certificates through experimental exams during the camp.

Certificate at the end of the training:

  • Once the affiliate has passed the graduation requirements, he will be eligible to obtain a certified attendance certificate, issued by the blockchain system to verify your achievement and increase your career opportunities. You can add the certificate to your CV or post it directly to LinkedIn.
  • Also there will be some certification need the students to pass an online exam in order to get the accredited certificate, below are the list of these Certifications, ( all Details on the Certifications & Exams, available on this Page ).
      • GA | Blockchain™ : GloryThink Accredited Blockchain™
      • GA | Tokenization™ : GloryThink Accredited Tokenization™
      • GP | Blockchain Project Manager™ : GloryThink Professional Project Manager™
      • GB | CyberSecurity™ : GloryThink Blockchain & CyberSecurity™
      • GB | SmartContract Auditor™ : GloryThink Blockchain SmartContract Auditor™
      • GP | Cryptocurrency Trader™ : GloryThink Professional Cryptocurrency Trader™
      • GP | Mining™ : GloryThink Professional Mining™
  • There is also cooperation with some local training partners by providing accredited attendance certificates from some local authorities, which differ from one country to another, and with a nominal fee, due to the importance of these certificates for employees and their impact on their career development, as an example, and not limited to:
    • Knowledge Authority – Emirates
    • TVTC – Saudi Arabia
    • Professional Unions Or Universities – Jordan, Lebanon